Remade Speakers

Remade SkullCandy Headphones into Speakers

Project Overview:
- Computer Speakers, Injection Molded Polyurethane
- Individual Project
- 2 months
- 2014

The assignment for this project was to take an already existing electronic device and redesign and manufacture one of the halves. For my object, I took my SkullCandy headphones and redesigned them to make them computer speakers.

Remade Speaker


Problem Statement

Rather than throw away a broken electronic, remake a broken electronic using injection molding to turn it into a new product.


Foam Studies (Form Research)

I decided, based on my foam studies,on a form that had four flat sides so the speakers could be angled in any position.

Foam Studies


Ideation + Fabrication

I then replicated the chosen form in MDF. For the project, the goal was to redesign a half of an electronic part and have it perfectly match with the part that we were not redesigning.

Once the MDF buck was fully polished, I thermoformed it in polystyrene. After I got a pull I liked, I then put in place polystyrene rods for the screw bosses so that I can screw the already existing SkullCandy part to the part I am creating now.


Mold Pouring (Final Deliverable)

After the polystyrene model was completed, I then poured a silicone mold of the polystyrene model for the next step.

Once the silicone mold cured I was then able to inject urethane into the mold to make a plastic part. I was able to make five identical parts that fit the remaining SkullCandy headphone, which now became a SkullCandy Computer Speakers.

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