HDC Design Challenge

I did a very small comparative analysis of different memberships and some common patterns. The comparative sites I looked at were:
- Amazon Prime
- Blue Apron
- Hulu
- Netflix
- Peloton
- Vinyl Me, Please.

My most notable findings were:
- Larger Hero image/video with a heading and CTA.
- Heavy use of photos with members (other customers)
- The use of some illustrations to demonstrate steps or benefits
- Photos used for major benefits/features
- 3 panel layout for membership plans

Welcome Screen (InVision link)

New Hagerty Drivers Club Page


Problem Statement

Users want to know more about the vehicles they are looking at while at events, but they may not be able to talk to all car owners or even be able to see all the cars they would like.

How can we lessen this choice load for the user, while also providing them location specific info using iBeacon technology?



I did very minor research on how some websites display car profiles and how events are displayed. Due to the limited time, I was mainly looking for patterns that would suit our informational needs.

Some notable findings were:
- Rows of cards, with major information on the car displayed.
- Additional use cases, such as booth demonstrations.
- Processing Animations when locators dont return results.



My designs were focused on properly demonstrating the iBeacon technology, while also trying to make the app look as realistic as possible. I wanted the flow for the user to be simple and function for both the devs and the end user.

I tired to keep existing assets for this project to reduce the load on what the developer would need to add to the system. I did design a few icons for the processing screen, which can be seen below.



There were two deliverables for this project. They are as follows:                  

- Video of application demonstration, with more basic UI design.

- Wireframes of "future" app design.



Additional photos and documents used to design the hackathon application.

Please contact me if you have questions.