The Green Thumb

Plant Management and Education Website.

Project Overview:
- Desktop
- Individual Project
- 4-6 Months
- 2017

The Green Thumb is a website for users to learn about their plants and helps teach proper care of their plants through guided directions. By giving users more information on their plants and directions on care, they should feel more confidence in caring for their plant and begin to learn more about them.​

The Green Thumb’s main goal is to educate the user about their plants so that the amount of errors that occur lessen.  To aid in educating the user, the site provides profile pages on the plants (which include natural environment, light, water, and soil content), directions to the user on how to care for their plants, and local news in regards to plants.

Landing Page


Problem Statement

Many plant owners, both novice and expert alike, deal with accidentally killing a plant. Due to lack of skill and knowledge, some people believe that they "dont have a green thumb" and cant grow plants altogether.

How can we provide information to plant owners to ensure their success?



To better understand what people who grow plants go through, I conducted user interviews (3 users), interviews with nursery workers (2 nurseries), and performed a competitive analysis (10 competitors).

Notable Findings:  
- Plant owners need to be educated about their plants (Image on right).
- Plant owners want to properly care for their plants, but don't know how.
- Informational sites give too general of information.

Dead Plant


Ideation + Design

Based on the key findings I made personas (Samantha's is on the right) and began designing UI Elements for the site.

From the sketches, I used Sketch to make digital wireframes for the website and used Framer to prototype them. The website gives specific instructions for each of the users plants to ensure that they receive proper care.​

Key Features:
- Database of Plants.
- User profiles gives detailed instruction on how to care for plants.
- Plant finder for all kinds of users (Beginners to Experts)​.

Audience: Novice to 'Expert' Plant owners​



The final deliverables for this project are a project poster, prototype, a demo video, and a project brief.

Prototype can be tested here.

Project Brief can be provided upon request.