Farmington Library

Employee Experience/System Audit

Project Overview:
- Report
- Team Project
- 4-6 Months
- Fall 2016

This was a consulting based project, specifically focusing on interviewing, contextual inquiry, and analysis. We were able to produce a report to the Farmington Community Library and they were pleased with our work.

Farmington Library


Problem Statement

The Farmington Community Library was having problems with processing new materials quickly. Because of this massive backlog, they wanted my team to try and learn their process and discover if there were any ways to make their system more efficient.



To understand the problems the employees in Technical Services faced, we used Contextual Inquiry, meaning interviewed employees in their workplace, to see how they work and what tasks they need to complete in a day of work. We interviewed 8 employees.

​From here, we aggregated the results and visualized the data we collected through an affinity wall. With this tool, it was easier to see what common problems were in the library and we were better able to come up with better recommendations.

Team working on Affinity Wall



The final deliverables for this project are:

- A motivational poster for librarians using the social influence principle of reciprocity (right).

- A project Brief can be provided upon request.

Poster to motivate librarians