Driving Experience page

Visual update for Hagerty Driving Experience.

Project Overview:
- Mobile and Desktop
- Team Project
- 3 weeks
- Spring 2019

This project was for a page that had not been updated in several years, but was in desperate need of a visual refresh, as well as some information architecture work.

Additionally, it needed some very specific copy and pattern work, due to required logos having uncommon shapes.

New page Mobile + Desktop (InVision link)

New Hagerty Drivers Club Page


Problem Statement

The page required a visual update, as well as a architectural update, due to the page's many purposes and business needs. Very little research was done, due to the uniqueness of the page and its requirements.



Most of the design of this page was how to arrange copy with the program logos, due to their odd shapes. Additionally, I wanted to elevate the events to excite the user, as well as show them where some of these events are and could be.

SEO was also a major consideration for this page and I worked closely with my company's SEO Specialist to properly make this page. I was also able to learn more about some requirements that SEO has based on the way search engines operate.

Simple Page Design



The final deliverable was a design spec, as well as wireframes for both desktop and mobile.

The wireframes are to the right. Unfortunately, I cannot share the design spec due to my NDA.

Old Page                                   New Page