HDC Design Challenge

Hagerty Drivers Club design challenge redesign.

Project Overview:
- Desktop (Mobile sketches in Appendices)
- Individual Project
- 4 days
- Summer 2019

The design challenge was to quickly redesign pages on the Hagerty website and that the pages should be considered "throw-away work". I chose to redesign the Hagerty Drivers Club page.

I wanted to work on making a simpler page, while also working on my visual design ability.

New page (InVision link)

New Hagerty Drivers Club Page


Problem Statement

If some pages on Hagerty's website were to be redesigned, how could Hagerty Drivers Club landing page be reimagined and redesigned?



I did a very small comparative analysis of different memberships and some common patterns. The comparative sites I looked at were:
- Amazon Prime
- Blue Apron
- Hulu
- Netflix
- Peloton
- Vinyl Me, Please.

My most notable findings were:
- Larger Hero image/video with a heading and CTA.
- Heavy use of photos with members (other customers)
- The use of some illustrations to demonstrate steps or benefits
- Photos used for major benefits/features
- 3 panel layout for membership plans

Competitor Patterns 1Competitor Patterns 2



Based on the key findings I began designing wireframes and UI elements for the website. To the right is the final design for my design challenge. My sketches can be seen in the appendices section.

From the sketches, I used Sketch to make digital wireframes for the website and Illustrator for the benefit/feature icons.​

Audience: Novice to 'Expert' Automotive Enthusiast.

BrainstormingInitial Design Sketch



The final deliverables were two wireframes: a landing page and a modal for roadside selection. Mobile designs can be seen in the appendices.

Desktop + Roadside Selection Modal (InVision link)

New Hagerty Drivers Club PageRoadside Modal



Additional photos and documents.                                                                   
Please contact me if you have any questions.


Mobile Sketches