Coffee Canister

Responsible Guatemalan Products.

Project Overview:
- Coffee Canister, 3D printed
- Team Project
- 4-6 Months
- 2015

The project was to design a product for the non-for profit organization, Appropriate Technology Collaborative. The product my partner and I came up with was a coffee canister that would be sold in American museum stores that would be manufactured in Guatemala.

Coffee Canister Home Setting


Problem Statement

Guatemala is a developing country in need of economic development. Our client (a non-for profit) wants to open a factory in Guatemala to produce "art objects" that will be sold in Museum Gift Shops to help revitalize in-need communities.

How can we relate and bring awareness to the manufacturing location, while creating a functional art piece?



After much Ideation and Brainstorming, it was decided that we would design a coffee canister for the museum stores. Before we started ideating we generated a marketing matrix to see what designs were currently on the market.


Ideation + Design

After creating a design matrix of 100 different coffee canisters, wedecided to design our canister with sharp angles and a slanted lid. I also requested that we include a scoop that had a similar form language to the canister.

Sketch of Canister



The client was extremely happy with our final designs. My partner and I both designed the overall look of the canister. Once the final design was chosen,while I made the final revisions and created a matching spoon for it. I additionally made a hypothetical packaging for our canister. We also wanted to included a statement in the lid explaining how it was manufactured by Guatemalans.



Additional photos and documents

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